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Cross-Cultural Understanding: Same gestures, different meanings.

Do you want to communicate with people all over the world?

If so, do you think just learning English grammar or vocabulary is enough to communicate with?

It’s not true!!

When you communicate opinions or feelings, you speak not only languages but also use a variety of gestures and body movement. However, if you go abroad, what meanings will foreigners take from your gestures?

Some cultures perceive gestures and body movement differently. To make our communication smoother, understanding cultural differences is necessary.

Today, we’ll introduce cross cultural understanding. Mr. Andrew Tohei teaches the lessons.

He is a native speaker from America and all of his lessons are conducted in only English! But don’t worry! His speaking is easy to understand, and the class is so fun! The students of the 1st year actively participate in the lessons every time.
In this lesson, they made silent skits by themselves using only gestures. Each group performed their original skit and others guessed the situation. Every group used gestures very well.

Please see the video. →

Hmm, it’s looks very fun!!

In fact, getting much knowledge about different cultures in English is not so easy. But this lesson allows you to broaden your horizons in a fun way.

So why don’t you study at Sakurano Seibo Junior college?
Let’s enjoy English together!!

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