“My Academic Interests” 「私の学術的興味と関心」

 In the Academic Skills class of the Department of Liberal Arts for Career Development (CE), the students gave PowerPoint presentations about their academic interests. This was in preparation for writing their graduation theses (卒業論文) when they become 2nd-year students.
 The students used the skills that they learned in the previous class to make an interesting presentation for their classmates. They each spoke for five minutes about what interested them. Many of them chose topics that were connected to their own experiences or future goals.

Comments from the students included:
“I expanded my horizons by listening to everyone’s opinions and presentations.”
“The presentations were easy to understand and everyone’s messages were heartfelt.”
“I always get nervous when speaking in front of others, but compared to my first time I was able to relax and give my presentation.”
It seems that speaking about their interests was positive and enjoyable for everyone. Let’s hope they will use this experience when choosing a seminar for next year!