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Academic Skills: English Speeches

 For many people, speaking in front of others is very difficult. They may become uncomfortable or feel nervous. Some even think that giving a speech is as painful as going to the dentist!


 Now, can you imagine having to speak in front of many people… in English?
 This was the challenge of this week’s Academic Skills class. After a short introduction by the two English teachers, the other native Japanese teachers had to give an English speech about something important to them.


 For two or three minutes each, they introduced many things to the students. Examples included their favorite pair of old shoes, an important gift from their parents, and the hometown that they love so much.


 After listening to six English speeches from the teachers, the students chose the best speaker. The winner was our department head, Mr. Minoru Yamano! Everyone was surprised because it was the first time we had heard him use English.


 The students will make their own “Show and Tell” speeches in the next class and present them at the end of the week. Hopefully they will use what they learned from watching their teachers, and enjoy speaking English in front of their classmates!

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