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From “Note Taking” to “Note Making”

     Maybe many students have this experience: you miss a class at school, and you need to know what information you missed. So, you ask your friend:

     “Can I borrow your notes from class?”

     But, what if your friend does not have good notes from class? What are “good notes”? How can you take better notes? These are questions that students from the Department of Liberal Arts for Career Development (CE) discussed with each other in the 3rd class of “Academic Skills.”

     After listening to Mr. Goto’s short lecture in the previous class, the students gathered in seminar (ゼミ) groups and showed each other their notes from his talk. They compared their writing styles together and found some common points (共通点) among all of the students’ notes.

アカスキ_2アカスキ_2 2

     Then, it was time to make a poster for a presentation about “note taking.” Each group drew a poster that showed their ideas about note taking skills. Some groups had the same ideas; for example, the use of arrows (矢印) or other marks, paragraphs (段落分け), or various colors for important points. However, each group’s poster was designed in an original way.
アカスキ_2 3アカスキ_2 4

     What kind of presentations will the CE students do with these posters? Check here next time for news about the 4th class of “Academic Skills”!

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