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キャリア教養学科 「アクティブなTOEIC演習」

In the TOEIC (II) class, CE 2nd-year students practice test taking tips for the TOEIC Reading Test. As building grammar and vocabulary skills is vital to success on the TOEIC test, the students focus on these on a weekly basis.

 TOEIC演習(II)の授業では、キャリア教養学科の2年生がTOEIC Reading Testの受験のコツを実践しています。TOEICテストに合格するためには、文法力と語彙力をつけることが重要であるため、毎回の授業で文法と語彙に重点を置いて練習しています。

One of the group activities in this class was a game that focused on grammar. The students played against one another using a board that contained many questions. The students answered the questions using either the gerund form (Where do you imagine living in the future?) or the infinitive form (What food do you refuse to eat?) and gave reasons for their answers.


Another group activity was a card matching game that focused on vocabulary, specifically synonyms and antonyms. Understanding similar meanings and opposite meanings of words helps students build their own vocabulary naturally.


Although preparing for the TOEIC test is a rigorous exercise, it is also important to allow students to enjoy putting into practice what they have learned. Seeing students having fun communicating with each other makes the classroom a more vibrant place.


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