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キャリア教養学科 アカデミックスキルズ(ぐるぐる)”English Communication”

In the Academic Skills class of the Department of Liberal Arts for Career Education, the students learned tips to improve their communication skills in English. They were encouraged to use the words and phrases that they already knew and to not be afraid of making mistakes.


After practicing non-verbal ways of communicating to express words, the students described Japanese things to each other in easy English. Even though their grammar and pronunciation may not have been perfect, they were delighted when their classmates could understand them. The students learned that if the other person is able to understand what you are trying to express then communication is achieved!


Student comments included,
“I thought I would dislike today’s class because I am not good at English, but on the contrary, I really enjoyed it and wanted to do more.”
“When I spoke English, I was not good at it because I thought I had to worry about grammar and speak perfectly. However, in this class, I understood that it is OK to speak simple combinations of English, and this lowered the hurdle for me to speak English.”




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