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アカデミックスキルズ “What I Learned in the 1st Term of Academic Skills”

 In the 15th and final Academic Skills class of the Department of Liberal Arts for Career Education (CE), the students spoke about what they learned during the first semester (「前期アカスキの学びを通して私が得た教訓」). They used PowerPoint to create a three-minute slide presentation which they showed to their classmates.

 After hearing their classmates speak, the other students wrote comments to the presenters. They included compliments about the good points of the presentations and advice for the next time. The comments were anonymous (匿名のコメント) so the students were encouraged to share their true feelings with their classmates.
 Student reflections about the class included,
“Everyone had a unique way of making their slides. Also, they all presented differently. There were many things I learned and want to use for the next time.”
“I was very nervous about presenting in front of everyone, but they all listened well and my presentation was easy to do. Once again, I felt glad to be a member of this seminar group.”
“I learned that everyone is richly unique in our class. Thanks to this, my own horizons have expanded.”
The 1st-year CE students will give another Academic Skills presentation next semester. Let’s hope they will use this experience to help them make an even better presentation!

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