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キャリア教養学科アカデミックスキルズ~New Seminar Groups~

 In the Academic Skills class of the Department of Liberal Arts for Career Development (CE), the students met in their new seminar groups. From April, they will learn and work together to write their own graduation research papers.

 Each seminar group is divided according to the specialty of the instructor (Economics, Information Technology, Education, Psychology, English, Law, and Linguistics). Today we will look at the activities in the English seminar.

 Before winter vacation, the students introduced themselves and shared their likes and dislikes with each other. The first activity this week was a crossword puzzle that tested their ability to remember those details. The room was filled with laughter as the students tried not to make mistakes about their classmates’ information!

 The students also wrote their basic research plans during winter vacation. The teacher corrected their submissions and then the students shared their ideas in small groups. After receiving comments from their classmates, the students wrote their reflection papers in English. Many of them were happy to get advice from others, but also understood that they must work harder. Let’s hope they enjoy making their original research projects!

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