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The 2015 Sakura no Seibo All-School English Recitation Contest took place at Marian Hall on December 19. It was the first time for elementary, junior high, high school, and junior college students to present together on the same stage.

Six first-year junior college students represented the Department of Liberal Arts for Career Education (CE). They recited Michelle Obama’s “Let Girls Learn” speech. Although they were very nervous, they did their best and were able to perform well!

The other first-year CE students chose the “Audience Award” winners for each division. Naomi Furuya won the Audience Award for the junior college. Anna Watanabe was the 1st Place winner from the judges.
The recitation contest was a valuable experience for the first-year CE students. The participants challenged themselves to speak in front of people. The observers understood how to give speeches from students of many different ages. Everyone learned something from this contest.

In the words of Michelle Obama,

“When we do educate girls, when we truly invest in their potential, there is no limit to the impact we can have.”

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