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Success Story: Nanami Shishido Grabs 2nd Prize at All Japan English Speech Contest

Our hardworking student, Nanami Shishido, did something amazing! She took part in the 56th Tanimoto Cup All Japanese Students English Oratorical Contest and won the 2nd prize on November 27th, 2023. Nanami joined the Sakura no Seibo Junior College ESS (English Speaking Society) club in April 2023.
Her speech, titled ‘Aurora,’ compared the colors and shapes of an aurora to the diversity of a nation. Nanami talked about how different people make a country interesting. She focused on a specific issue in Japan: the rights of LGBT people. She explained that some LGBT people face problems because there are no laws to protect them, and some even go to other countries where they have better rights. Nanami suggested that Japan should make laws to stop discrimination against LGBT people and allow same-gender marriages.
When Nanami came back to college, the ESS members surprised her with presents and flowers. They were happy for her success.

Nanami Shishido: “I was thrilled to have won the 2nd prize in the last competition of this school year. It has been a challenging journey. On stage, I was overwhelmed by fear and weakness. However, the warm support of my friends, family, college staff, and my professor kept me going. I have learned a lot through this experience, so I will continue to confront and strengthen myself. Thank you all very much!”
The ESS club at our college will keep supporting students in different competitions. We look forward to hearing more good news from our students in the next school year.
Well done, Nanami Shishido, on your big achievement!

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