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国際問題を捉える視点を獲得しよう ~キャリアデザインⅢ 編入支援クラス~


Let’s gain a perspective on international issues
~Career Design Ⅲ : Transfer Support Class~

For this week’s class, Mr. Andrew from the Department of Liberal Arts for Career Development gave a lecture on how to look at international issues.
The first question he asked was, “Why don’t Japanese youth participate in social movements? The students replied, “Because there is a culture of shame in Japan,” “Because we don’t see social issues as our own problems,” etc.
The students were also asked how they view issues such as global warming, the conflict between Palestine and Israel, and Naomi Osaka’s refusal to hold a press conference before retiring from the French Open.
The message was that the important thing is to understand why the particular topic has become “problematic,” and to think about the background of the issue and how it relates to oneself. In regards to international issues, there is no one answer that is 100% right. That is why it is important to know the religious, economic, cultural, and political background and history of the issue, and then formulate your own opinion.
The world will become more and more complex and intertwined in the future. The students learned the necessity of being able to think, express one’s opinion, and take action, rather than seeing issues in distant parts of the world as not related to themselves.

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