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Notetaking → Outline → Presentation

 In the Academic Skills class of the Department of Liberal Arts for Career Education (CE), the students shared their ideas about レジュメ (or, “outline”) with their classmates. Each seminar group used the information they learned the week before about “notetaking” to help them make their presentations.

 After sharing their thoughts, the students made a poster together in groups. They wrote their ideas on the large paper and compared notetaking and outline writing styles. All of the students understood that notetaking was for you, while an outline was to show other people.

 Finally, each group presented their ideas about “outlines” for three minutes. A member from the other group listened and wrote on the board, thus practicing “notetaking” at the same time. After asking each other questions, the students reflected on their performance. Let’s hope they will use these skills in other classes!

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