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(Easy) English Pronunciation & Communication

 In the Academic Skills class of the Department of Liberal Arts for Career Education (CE), the students learned some hints to increase their English pronunciation and communication skills. These tips are useful both in and out of the English classroom.

 First, the students learned how native English speakers “link” sounds together to create sentences and more fluent pronunciation. Through pair activities, learners were able to practice these new pronunciation skills. After that, they made small groups and tried to use nonverbal methods of communication and easy English words to describe Japanese things that they already know. Making mistakes was encouraged!

 Student comments included, “I could understand the pronunciation tips easily. I hope to use these skills to pronounce English words more naturally when I read.” And, “Even if I use easy English, the other person will try to understand me. The important thing is not to be afraid to try!” Let’s hope they will use these skills in their future!

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